Pointe Shoe Appeal

Pointe Shoe Appeal

What our dancers wear on their feet is essential to their craft. The correct footwear enables them to perform at their absolute best.

Female dancers can go through up to three pairs of pointe shoes in just on performance of a full-length ballet and with the most expensive pair of pointe shoes costing around £70 it is easy to see how the costs mount up. As a result, English National Ballet spends over £145,000 on pointe shoes every year.

Please choose a level at which you would like to donate and help us keep our dancers moving and performing to audiences around the UK and beyond.

The minimum online donation for our Pointe Shoe Appeal is £5. Whatever the size of your gift it will be put to work straight away to support English National Ballet.

Donation Information
£ 1,000.00
£ 500.00
£ 100.00
£ 50.00
£ 20.00
£ 10.00
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